WidsMob HDR

Creëer een hoog dynamisch bereik als oogweergave.

Eenvoudige en geavanceerde HDR-foto-editor.

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Geavanceerde HDR-algoritme-technologie

Maak automatisch geweldige HDR-foto's

Maak natuurlijke of extreme HDR zoals u dat wilt

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Tone Lengte




Color Filter






Geavanceerd toonmapping-algoritme

Combine a set of XNUMX different bracketed photos into HDR with advanced tone mapping algorithm. WidsMob HDR provides the optimal HDR results to enhance the photos as eye view. It also provides the live preview with full resolution of the HDR photographs.

Pas HDR-fotoparameters aan

Customize HDR photos by tone mapping parameters, such as tone length and tone saturation. Color management is also supported for brightness, saturation and contrast. It is easy to adjust the parameters to find the best high dynamic range results.

Ondersteuning voor RAW en JPEG

Support both JPEG and RAW formats taken by most types of DSLR cameras or smartphones. Instant preview the high quality HDR photos and Retina display support. Save files to JPEG, PNG and TIFF files in high quality without extra changes.

Automatische uitlijning en spookonderdrukking

Automatically Align images for handhold photos, which might have some aberration. Ghost suppression to create HDR images moving objects, such as cars, clouds, people and more. It always turns the optimal result with the superior algorithm.

Ingebouwde HDR-effectenvoorinstellingen

WidsMob HDR also provides some default presets or effect to enhance the HDR effects. It provides the black and white HDR effects as well as the artist HDR effects. For more presets or effects of WidsMob HDR, just keep tuned about the program for free update.

WidsMob HDR-schermafbeeldingen

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  • ingebouwde-hdr-effecten-ps
  • automatisch uitlijnen-en-ghost-onderdrukking-ps

WidsMob HDR-video-zelfstudie


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    Wow, it should be one of the best HDR editing program with a competitive price and easy operation. 5-ster
  • Jessie Liar
    WidsMob HDR did expose the image to view what I remembered the scene being exactly, I highly recommend it. 5-ster
  • Sun King
    This HDR software help me to achieve a series of beautiful natural HDR photos with great HDR adjusting tools. 5-ster
  • Teddy Wood
    How can I expect more? This is really a great HDR photo editing program to make merging HDR images easily. 5-ster